Shut the F*ck Up and Talk, Already! (Available Soon)

I am excited to announce that, on April 10th, I'll be publishing my first non-fiction e-book titled:

Shut the F*ck Up and Talk, Already!: A brief, no-bullshit, slightly profane, guide to Public Speaking and Presentation.

I've taken my decades of experience in entertainment and education and condensed some of my top lessons and tips for presenting ideas to an audience into a short guide. I've been teaching public speaking and presentation, at the undergraduate level, for the past six years, and so I've taken this as an opportunity to convey certain ideas and lessons in ways I normally can't in the classroom. Basically, I get to rant a little bit and say things that teachers wish they could say to their students (hence the "slightly profane" part of the title). It was very cathartic.

I had a ton of fun writing it and I hope people enjoy reading it.

It will be available for pre-sale on Amazon's Kindle store in a few days, and will be available to buy on all the major e-book store outlets, such as the Nook store and Apple Books, on April 10th.

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