Over the past couple years, my writing partner, Van, and I have been kicking around the idea of writing a werewolf trilogy based on an idea Van had back in high school, where he wrote the second installment, Nightfall. Three years ago, Van and I developed the first installment, Dusk. Last week, Van let’s me know he’s going back though his old script for Nightfall, and is basically rewriting the whole thing. We edited and swapped halves of the scripts, brought them together for a line-by-line edit, and we suddenly had a new completed script ready to send off! We took a road trip a couple years ago and had a long conversation about what the final installment of the trilogy would be. Unfortunately, neither one of us wrote down or recorded what we were talking about. We both forgot much of what we discussed (Lesson learned). The third installment, tentatively titled “Alpha”, is on our development list. We’re also waiting to hear back from a few competitions. Stay tuned for more! Image from: 

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