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Earlier this year, my writing partner and I were given an opportunity to write an action spec script for a producer who has worked with Lion's Gate and was looking to do his next project with Jean Claude Van Dam. So, my partner and I spent four furious weeks going from concept to draft before sending it off. Initially, there was a positive response, but as the pace of Hollywood goes, it's been a few months since we've heard about any movement on it.

Last week, we were notified that another producer got a hold of script and wants to start pitching it around town. He recently did a film with JCVD called "Kill'em All". He says he wants to pitch it three different ways:

1. A stand alone feature

2. A sequel to "Kill'em All"

3. As part of a 3-picture deal that JCVD has with Netflix

It'll be about a month or so before he starts pitching it around, but this is incredibly exciting! This is the first feature that my writing partner and I worked on together, and it would be the first script sale for the both of us.

We're trying to not get our hopes up very high and just focus on the other writing projects we're currently working on, but we can't help but dance a little on the inside.

This could be the start of something big.

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