Here are the projects that are currently in the pipeline.

Spark of New Eden




   Our planet is all but dead. The remaining population of humans have gathered in the ruins of an old city, dubbed 'New Eden'. The enigmatic savior, Chancellor Drake, has managed to sustain the last of us by providing food, and water; though no one is quite sure how. 


   Teenager, Aaron Chase, spends his days contributing to reconstruction efforts as a scavenger, while being home schooled by his aunt at night. 


   On the day of Chancellor Drake's big announcement, the events are inturrupted by a terrorist attack made by a rebel faction called The Golden Rectangle. The attack triggers a series of events, and unlocks something inside Aaron, that could lead to the ultimate survival of the human race and the rebirth of planet Earth. 


   Nature always finds a way to balance itself. What new source of energy has Chancellor Drake discovered, and what are his true motives? Who are the members of The Golden Rectangle, and how is Aaron's aunt involved? And why is there suddenly a gigantic seqoia tree growing out of the pavement in the middle of the city?

The God Throne




   The God Throne is the holiest point in all of Ephora. It is forbidden for anyone not of the Clergy to step foot upon the mountain. Unfortunately, the peak of the mountain is exactly where the human ranger, Jared Corun, must venture. Beyond the clouds, the mountains' summit is said to be home to a weapon of legendary power. It may be the only thing that can save the realm from the evil rising from the volcanic isles to the south, The Devil's Tail. 


   The journey will not be an easy one. A black desert to cross, an ongoing war between Fauneran forest knights, a King too drunk to rule, and a black mage lying in wait to exact his revenge.


   Can Jared survive the dangers of the Ephoran landscape and the creatures that dwell there? Can he get past the Clergy's army, the Warriors of the Light, and make it to the top of the God Throne before it's too late? And what lies at the center of the Hell Mouth, a giant whirl-pool created by an ancient cataclysm?

Project Phoenix: Revelations




   Journalist, Jack Potter, just knocked the teeth out of his writing partners, mouth. That's what happens when you sleep with Jack's wife. To give him time to cool off, Jack's boss sends him to Roswell, NM to cover the annual festivities that celebrate the famous night that a UFO alledgedly crashed in Foster Field.


   What he expected to be a boring weekend, surrounded by crazy conspiracy theorists and science-fiction nuts, turns into a series of deadly revelations that could mean the end of the world. 



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